Saturday, September 18, 2010


I was at Glutch-O-Rama, a street fair in NE neighborhood near broadway. I saw a very exciting kids parade, some goats and tasted a delicous sandwich. I didn't sell anything, but I was able to work on the vendor fair luggage tags. Sitting in the sun and sewing. No complaints!


I had the honor of trading with a fellow artist - Megan Hooker. She took an old beautiful calendar that I couldn't bear to get rid of and turned it into beautiful cards and envelops. I made her a custom camera case in exchange. Here are some pics.

2010 Materials Vendor fair - promo items

This month I've had the opportunity to work with Uliko and Daewon to create promo items for the 2010 materials vendor show. I created the items in exchange for some old leather that Daewon had in storage. It was a lot of work and I'll need more than a week to knock out 39 pieces again. Enjoy the pictures!

Store Updates - a mixed bag

Teaming with retail is a good way to get my stuff out there but there's been some development, both good and bad...

Frock - winter 2008 - stock ran out
Atomic Daylight - fall 2009 and going strong
Jet - fall 2009 -  late spring 2010 - didn't work out
Exit 21 - fall 2009 - fall 2010 - closed
Redux - spring 2009 - today...
New! Stella's on 21st - fall 2010 as of last week.
Frock - fall 2010 (just a couple bought, but might lead to more)