Saturday, September 18, 2010


I was at Glutch-O-Rama, a street fair in NE neighborhood near broadway. I saw a very exciting kids parade, some goats and tasted a delicous sandwich. I didn't sell anything, but I was able to work on the vendor fair luggage tags. Sitting in the sun and sewing. No complaints!


I had the honor of trading with a fellow artist - Megan Hooker. She took an old beautiful calendar that I couldn't bear to get rid of and turned it into beautiful cards and envelops. I made her a custom camera case in exchange. Here are some pics.

2010 Materials Vendor fair - promo items

This month I've had the opportunity to work with Uliko and Daewon to create promo items for the 2010 materials vendor show. I created the items in exchange for some old leather that Daewon had in storage. It was a lot of work and I'll need more than a week to knock out 39 pieces again. Enjoy the pictures!

Store Updates - a mixed bag

Teaming with retail is a good way to get my stuff out there but there's been some development, both good and bad...

Frock - winter 2008 - stock ran out
Atomic Daylight - fall 2009 and going strong
Jet - fall 2009 -  late spring 2010 - didn't work out
Exit 21 - fall 2009 - fall 2010 - closed
Redux - spring 2009 - today...
New! Stella's on 21st - fall 2010 as of last week.
Frock - fall 2010 (just a couple bought, but might lead to more)

Monday, August 30, 2010


Here are the photos from Neglected's photoshoot. Enjoy!

Alberta Street Fair

The Alberta street fair was the 21st of August. I shared a booth with Attic Journals and Miguel helped set up and take down the booth. It was a huge help! The day was pretty successful. I sold 9 items, which is a record for me! They were the smaller card holders, but lots of them. Attic Journals did well too. I'm done with shows for a little while now. I want to get ready for the holiday fairs and back into more stores. I'm no longer in Jet and exit 21 closed this weekend. I need to get back into some consignment retail.

Here's the poster from the street fair!